Integrity Media - The Publisher Continues Aggressive Global Expansion, Supporting Clients in Key Growth Markets

Integrity Media - The Publisher Continues Aggressive Global Expansion, Supporting Clients in Key Growth Markets

Integrity Media - The Publisher, one of the India's leading independent publishing platform continues significant global growth, with presence in three new regions and multiple senior leadership, today announced its expansion into UK and Dubai, with additional expansion planned in the near future.

Integrity Media - The Publisher is one of the fastest developing independent publishing companies, has increased operations with three new markets over the last three years alone, resulting in strong year-on-year growth.

The launch of the Dubai office is part of Integrity Media - The Publisher’s ever-expanding presence in the Middle East region, where its long-term programmatic knowledge and ability to scale has allowed it to capture a share of the fast-evolving market from its current base in India. Meanwhile expansion into Dubai signals Integrity Media - The Publisher’s continued commitment to backing markets on a fast-track growth trajectory and supports the development of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) operations.

Naveen Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Integrity Media - The Publisher, comments: “Integrity Media - The Publisher’s growth trajectory has continued at pace in 2023, this affirms our position in the marketplace as one of the fastest growing publishing platforms. The continued global expansion supports increasing requests from our clients for us to be present in new territories. We see deeper adoption of our products by more sophisticated global clients and are responding to their needs. As we scale our products and services internationally it’s important to attract top talent from across the markets, whilst maintaining our unique company culture.”

Founded in New Delhi, India in 2002, Integrity Media - The Publisher is the world’s fastest growing professional organization, meant for research development and promotion in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Management, Business, Marketing, Statistics & Mathematics, Economics, Social Science, Agriculture, Biology, Environmental & Plant Science, Medical & Health Science.

Integrity Media - The Publisher with its Global tie-up with Dr. Aruna Kumari Nakella’s SIDVI Foundation plans to provide an integrated publishing platform for the technical conferences, seminars and workshop across various nations to reduce the gap between curriculum and its practical implementation among students, research scholars, professors, engineers, academicians & scientists. The mission of the Integrity Media - The Publisher, is to instill best publication practices among researchers, scientists, and academics.

Integrity Media - The Publisher has grown from three original founders to more than 40 employees globally while enjoying a 20-year track record of double digit growth.