The entertainment industry is a dazzling world of its own, start your acting career with a guide who stands with you on the journey to ultimate success with Actor in me (AIM).

The entertainment industry is a dazzling world of its own, start your acting career with a guide who stands with you on the journey to ultimate success with Actor in me (AIM).

In the pursuit to achieve success in the entertainment industry, which is filled with dazzling and outstanding talents and opportunities, the level of competition the individuals might face can only be overcome by extraordinary skills, talent, and knowledge about the industry.

Being misled is something very common and while most individuals are dwelling upon and strangled within these problems, the ones who are supported by a guide always seem to have a smoother journey to success. However, out of thousands of amateurs, the one who is recognized as talented and skilled with knowledge and worth the attention succeeds.

With Actor in me (AIM) founded by Mr. Sagar V Das(Founder) and Ankur Srivastava (Co-founder), the ultimate guide that helps you tackle misleads and common misconceptions around the industry, the team serves as a support system and guide for an individual to incorporate higher goals and objectives to build a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

With the team, you get to learn camera acting from the comfort of your home. Being physically present in Mumbai is not important, the skills and talents and the right guide are what matter and leave a mark in the eyes of the beholders. Mr. Sagar V Das strives to bring out the best in individuals, working upon the dynamics of camera and theatre acting with a special focus on practical evaluations and honest feedback.

Exceptional acting skills, screen presence, and overall personality development are the foundation of an acting career, stressing bringing the best out of an individual and preparing them with the trends within the industry and important industry-specific training processes. Camera acting and working out different important elements of work and how everything is carried out in sync is a necessary element an individual should be aware of with the casting director and director.

Mr. Sagar specializes in teaching students the basics of the advanced process of improving Hindi speech and dialogue delivery, providing excellent practice sessions focused on on-camera acting, and being in charge of auditions and feedback for the overall analysis of an individual’s skills. Mr. Ankur on the other hand is in charge of teaching the process to master voice, speech, and diction.

As for everyone’s preferred guide, Mr. Sagar, he was born and raised in Pune and he belongs to a very humble background. Growing up he always leaned towards arts as his interest and as he was highly influenced by several artists like Marlon Brando, and Daniel Day-Lewis who was praised by a lot of people for their acting skills, he knew that his love for arts will be the foundation of his career.

However, things were never easy for him. Investing all his fortune in establishing an acting class back in 2012, he started his acting journey from the same. During this time, he was also a part of many college dramas and theatre plays. His parents were against the idea of building an acting career and wanted him to excel in engineering or civil services but his determination and knack for artistic development urged him to do what he had always dreamed of. He had to work on small jobs and save a lot to move to Mumbai and start his career by learning professionally.

During his time in Mumbai, he had to face many challenges which ultimately boiled down to dissatisfaction with his work. So he came back to Pune, completed his Diploma in Film making, then started making connections with directors and producers in the industry. He started working on small projects.

The arrival of the pandemic brought huge changes for him and made him realize the necessity of online coaching for acting as a way to help people save lots of money and focus on sharpening their talent and skills to become better in serving as an asset to the industry. This laid the foundation of Actor in me (AIM) which was established as a platform made for helping people who wish to build a career in acting.

Mr. Ankur takes charge of the offline classes based in Mumbai while Mr. Sagar runs online and offline classes. Mr. Sagar considers himself a student who wishes to know everything about acting and filmmaking which makes him an aspiring talented asset for the industry. He has worked for over 15 short films as an assistant director and has been involved actively with renowned theatres for a long time.

He desires to set up a Production house and a casting agency in the future. He also wishes to set up a theatrical group or offline or online driven acting classes registered in the name of Actor in Me, so people who strive to be the best in acting get every guidance they need.

Perfect guidance is the foundation of a successful career and Mr. Sagar has always wanted to guide aspiring actors who are the future of the industry. The main motive of Mr. Sagar is to help the budding actors so they do not have to tackle unnecessary money loss and stress which usually leads to many destructive activities, rather they should be able to sharpen their skills while also maintaining financial stability. To date, he has helped over 2000 individuals to create a better ground for their talent.