Utkarsh Pande CEO of Saket Ortho Rehab International Private Limited, comes up with the new Custom Footwear Startup “Tekas Total Foot Care”

Utkarsh Pande CEO of Saket Ortho Rehab International Private Limited, comes up with the new Custom Footwear Startup “Tekas Total Foot Care”

Foot problems are very common now a days, however, the cure to all these problems are easier and affordable with Saket Ortho Rehab International Private Limited. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, Saket Ortho Rehab was established back in 1980. An excellent manufacturer and supplier of Prosthesis and Orthopaedic products. This time, the company is back with a new Startup, “Tekas, Total foot care ”.

  1. Please give a short introduction for the readers out there.


I am Mr. Utkarsh Pande, the CEO of Saket Ortho Rehab International Private Limited. We are one of the largest manufacturers of customized orthopedic Footwear, readymade orthopedic products, artificial limbs, wheelchairs, pressure garments, and many more. We also have an affiliate brand which uses footscan technology to create customized products like Custom made Insoles, Custom Footwears, orthopedic footwear, diabetic footwear, and many more.


  1. What is the footscan technology? Please provide the information briefly.

A planter pressure mat used to identify the pressure on your feet which might have been caused by the excess or wrong weight bearing on one foot. Identifying Such problems become easier with foot scan. We can get an exact speculation of what might have been the cause of flat foot, knee pain, heel pain, etc. It also gives us a detailed idea of how your foot functions and the results helps us to guide and provide the solutions to treat you.


  1. How did you get the idea for “footscan”?

Well, the idea was formed back in 2018, when I got to observe that one of the footwear is a little bit tilted. I figured out that the weight bearing of the foot should be equal. However, if it remains tilted, it will cause problems due to excess weight on the foot.

We got to know that customized footwear product is such a wonderful thing, but these products are highly neglected in India. 98% of the world population has problems regarding wrong weight bearing, which ultimately causes back pain, heel pain, knee pain, etc.

Now the aim was to develop a foot scan machine which will help us create customized products, so over-pronation can be cured easily while also making it comfortable for your feet.

  1. How was the journey of converting an idea into a successful product?

As we formed the idea, now the manufacturing was left. After we were successful in manufacturing the excellent in-soles and footwear products, we knew we are already successful in bringing up the cure of over-pronation in such an easy way.

We are already into manufacturing diabetic and Orthopaedic footwear products. For the customized footwear products, we used the footscan first, after which we advised the patients to stand on a foot impression box which is basically made to get an idea of the exact impression of the patient’s foot. Then, we pour POP mould into the box, which then solidifies. We make customized in-soles from the solidified product which is exactly mapped to meet the requirements of the patient’s feet.


  1. What exactly is the foot impression and how does it work?

Foot impression box is basically a phenolic foam or a dried floral foam which is used to map the features of the patient’s foot. It helps us determine the wrong weightbearing problem of the patient’s foot. The in-soles and footwear are raised according to the patient’s requirement to make it aligned and for the weightbearing to be equal on both foot. Our company is the first one in manufacturing such customized products in India in such a level.


  1. How can one avail customized in-soles?

By placing an order with us, we will be sending a foot impression box to the customer from our website, wherein the customer will stand in the box. After which, a person from our company will pick up the foot impression box from the customer’s place or the customer can return the box by mail.

Once we receive the foot impression box, we will start making the in-soles and footwear after analyzing the requirements of the customer. We use a material named Micro Cellular Polymer or MCP, which is a diabetic soft material.


  1. What are your future plans?

Well, foot problems are the most neglected part in India. So the vision is to make foot impression box available in every part of India. No other company as of now has such a dedication to bring up footwear products which are made for healing the different foot problems like knee pains, heel pains, ankle pains, etc. So the plan is to bring footwear into the market which are specially designed to heal these kind of problems and customized in-soles and footwear as per one’s requirements.